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Japan Rwanda Business Community(JRBC) is community you can join without any membership requirement. If you have already run your business, plan to start business, seek business opportunity in Rwanda, JRBC is the best community for you. Our community provides contents and opportunity (Ex: shares latest business information, have a business party and have a Rwanda visit tour) to members. Through our activity, we aim to make business opportunity between Japan and Rwanda. If you are interested in our community or need detailed information, please sign up via registration form(right side).

Member Registration

We reguraly send email including business and meeting information to email address you registered.

About Community

Partner Matching

We connect those who are considering entering Rwanda to local companies, people, and organizations interested in Rwanda entrepreneurs who are locating partners or looking for partners.

Project Information

We promptly share information on Rwanda's public projects and corporate needs. Collaborate with Rwanda's partner to acquire the project and create a foothold for the local expansion.

Technology & Products

Share information and technology of our company to companies and entrepreneurs in Rwanda. It will lead to business development using products and technologies that match needs Rwandan have.

Fresh Information

Collaborate with the local ICT Chamber of Commerce and share the latest information on the site. We aim to provide information with live feeling.

Business Meeting

We regularly hold business meeting with members. It’s held to establish a place for realistic information sharing.

Rwanda Visit Tour

We regularly make opportunities to visit Rwanda and invite members. We will visit Rwandan companies and have meetings with entrepreneurs.


Business Meeting (2nd)
2017/4/4 Kanda Tokyo
Meeting Report
Next meeting has been scheduled in July 2017. We send email once the detail is fixed.

Business Meeting (1st)
2016/12/02 Tokyo
Meeting Report
Next meeting has been scheduled in January 2017. We send email once the detail is fixed.



Rexvirt Communications Inc.

Started offshore development project in Rwanda from 2011.

WiredIn Ltd.

Rwandan software development company. Affiliated company of Rexvirt Communications Inc.

Rwanda ICT Chamber

Camber of ICT sector consisting of major Rwanda IT companies.